Flashcard Maker App for iOS

Flashcard Maker

It’s time to optimize your study habits for iPhone, iPad, and all iOS devices. Make flashcards from the comfort of your touch screen device. Simply upload your images or type your content. Your cards are ready for you instantly.

Flashcard Maker

Students everywhere can now download, study, and edit their school materials right from their phone. Bored on the subway commuting to class or have extra hours between lectures? Don’t let that valuable time go to waste. Pull out your iPhone and flip through your flashcards right away. You don’t even need an internet connection to do this. Flash cards are fully available offline and with out cellular connection.

Flashcard Maker for Mac coming this Fall! Stay tuned for the soon to be launched never-before seen flashcard maker for Mac. Using your keyboard makes writing out long flashcards so much easier. You will be able to study by clicking with your mouse or touchpad if you are on a laptop.

Like to sync with your portable on-the-go touch device? No problem! When you are done creating and editing your cards you can sync them with iCloud. Now your data is backed up and stored in the secure cloud network run by Apple and accessible from your iCloud account. Open up your iPhone, iPad, or both and download all of your flashcards directly onto your screen. Make sure you charge your battery when you do, this will give you enough juice to power you through the toughest study sessions throughout the day.

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